John Mitchell


Date and place of birth

21st June 1973...Planet Earth.

Your birthday's coming up. So what would you like?

An original Raleigh Chopper.

Having a good day? If not, what's your perfect way to spend the day?

It's a little early to say at this point, but my ideal day would have to feature a whole lot of dossing. A movie, a pub lunch and possibly even a bit of retro gaming!

Equipment Used:

2 Cort G series guitars. A Marshall JMP-1 Preamp. 2 Valvestate 80/80 poweramps.

What are your Top 5 or 10 (if you can stretch to it) favourite albums of all time?

In no particular order...


Jellyfish - Spilt Milk
Mr Mister - Welcome To The Real World
A - Hifi Serious
The Police - Outlandos D'Amour
Contact - Film Soundtrack
It Bites - Once Around The World
Yes - 90125
Def Leppard - Hysteria
Pink Floyd - The Wall
Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American

What's your favourite/least favourite It Bites track?

Fave: Judas/Leaving Without You
Least Fave erm....Murder Of The Planet Earth

Out of all the gigs you've played at, which has been your favourite or most memorable? And why?

Kino. At the Mean Fiddler or the Borderline in London....everyone singing along to the 'Company Cars' bit in Loser’s Day Parade was just amazing and frankly unforgettable!!

And if you're not playing, which is the best band you've ever seen live? And why?

It Bites. They seemed like they were from another planet. Utter escapism to my mind as a 15 year old. Which is what it is to be entertained I guess!

Any bands/musicians you wished you'd seen live but were too busy, too poor, too young or not even alive at the time?

Peter Gabriel. I stupidly passed up on the gig to play a gig of my own and gave my ticket to Clive Nolan. Doh!

The gig's over and it's my round, so what are you having?

A nice glass of Pinot please

And where do you fancy having it? Er, I'll re-phrase that!! Where's your favourite watering hole on the planet?

It's got to be the Hob in Reading, hasn't it?

In 2005 Steve Fosset went Once Around the World in 67 hours and two minutes. Which 3 famous people, dead or alive, would you like to spend 67 hours and two minutes on a plane with?

My mum, Oliver Reed and Richard Branson.

In-flight entertainment is also available, so what are your top 5 films/TV programmes of all time?

Sleepy Hollow
American Beauty
Blade Runner
The Fisher King


TV Programmes:
Father Ted
Time Team
Robin Of Sherwood (The 80’s version with Michael Praed)
Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

Talking of in-flight entertainment. Have you ever joined the mile-high club?


You've all played with some pretty big names in the Music Industry. Dick with Ray Davies, JB and Bob with Chris Norman and Alan Parsons, and JM with John Wetton and of course housewives' favourite, Chesney Hawkes. Any other musicians you'd like to work with?

Erm...Peter Gabriel please. And the guys from 'A' as well. Hurry up and call me lads! ;-)

And last but not least, any final thoughts about the re-union, the Tour and the future? Exciting times lie ahead, me thinks.... Are you excited and looking forward to getting out on the road again? And back into the studio?

The new record aside...I'm a bit nervous about this tour. If anyone throws rotten cabbages at me, I WON'T be amused!! LOL. SO DON'T! xx