Lee Pomeroy

Lee Pomeroy

Date and place of birth

23rd February 1968 - Hoxton, London. Gawdblessya!!!!

Your birthday's coming up. So what would you like?

To be younger, or a nice Ampeg VR amp.

Having a good day? If not, what's your perfect way to spend the day?

Having a very good day ta, no perfect day rules really, I have a good day most days.

Equipment Used:

For It Bites: Fender Jazz Bass 1972, Musicman Stingray, Moog Taurus 1 Pedals, Ampeg Amp and cabs, Sansamp Bass Driver, Boss TU-2 Tuner.

What are your Top 5 or 10 (if you can stretch to it) favourite albums of all time?

Oh man that's impossible but I could probably give you my 10 favourite bands so here goes...

In no particular order:

1: Genesis
2: Yes
3: Rush
4: King Crimson
5: Gentle Giant
6: Cardiacs
7: It Bites
8: The Mars Volta
9: Focus
10: The Beatles

And loads more that I can't leave out...

11. Peter Gabriel
12: Van Der Graaf Generator
13: Pink Floyd
14: Gary Numan / Tubeway Army
15: Radiohead
16: Muse
17: The Police
18: The Jam
19: Led Zeppelin
20: Jethro Tull
21: David Bowie
22: Medeski Martin and Wood
23: Queen
24: Steve Hackett
( I better stop or I'll be here all night )

What's your favourite/least favourite It Bites track?

Fave: Once Around The World
Least Fave : Whole New World

As a bassist you have played with lots of artists

IT BITES ( Woohoo ), Rick Wakeman, Lewis Taylor, Archive, Take That, Sugababes, Bonnie Tyler, Nerina Pallot, Belinda Carlisle...I can't remember any more.

And if you're not playing, which is the best band you've ever seen live? And why?

Well.... It's either It Bites 23rd December 1989 for the sheer genius and inspiration.
Or Cardiacs 1985-ish supporting Marillion for the utterly jaw dropping performance.
Or Genesis Twickenham 2007 because I'd never seen them before, and I almost wept (What a wuss)!!

Any bands/musicians you wished you'd seen live but were too busy, too poor, too young or not even alive at the time?

Genesis with Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett

The gig's over and it's my round, so what are you having?

Tea, nice and strong no sugar thanks!!

What are your top 5 TV programmes of all time?

I'm Alan Partridge, The Mighty Boosh, Spaced, Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, Father Ted

What are your top 5 Films of all time?

Shaun of the Dead, The Exorcist, Star Wars trilogy ( Episodes 4,5, & 6 A bit cheeky I know ),
Monty Python and the Holy Grail, This Is Spinal Tap.

Football team?

Don't like football much.... And that's why I support Tottenham!!

Talking of in-flight entertainment. Have you ever joined the mile-high club?


You've all played with some pretty big names in the Music Industry. Any other musicians you'd like to work with?

Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Steve Hackett, PJ Harvey the end is listless...

Do you play any other instruments other than bass?

Guitar, Chapman Stick, Keys (I have an M400 Mellotron don't you know) and a bit of drums.